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Product Design

Creating Value:

Our products are designed to be both durable and comfortable. This means that our products are designed to match what our customers’ value and exceed their expectations. Creating value is more than just selling goods at a remarkable price. It’s providing products that perform exceptionally well for our customers when they’re wearing them.

Product Design:

Our products designs are created both in-house and in collaboration with our global manufacturers. We feel that this type of relationship is mutually beneficial because it allows us to pick specific product traits that we’ve found to be needed or changed and voice those ideas directly to the manufacturers. We believe in a continual improvement process when it comes to designing products that our customers value. We are open to suggestions from our customers and employees to enhance future products.


Outfitter Trading Company was founded with the guiding vision of removing obstacles to your adventures. You know a good value and you’ve helped shape the way we do business. You wanted to venture without breaking the bank and we understood. Why pay $150 for an apparel piece when you can get one for $39.95 that has the same functionality, design, and specifications? OTC is not a budget or discount, knock-off brand. OTC is a brand founded in reason and affordability for all those that desire functional outerwear. Whether it’s walking around campus in a performance hoodie, bombing ski runs in a SuperTec Softshell, or anywhere in between, OTC provides you the product.
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